Franco Fussi

Medical surgeon, specialist in Otorhinolaryngology and Phoniatrics. Head of the Centre of Audiology Foniatria the USL in Ravenna. Responsible for the Advanced Training Course in Artistic Vocologia University of Bologna, Professor of Science in Speech Therapy from the University of Bologna, Collaborator of the Theatre in Bologna, the Accademia d’Arte Lirica in Osimo and the Academy of ROF Rossini in Pesaro, Member Collegium Medicorum Theatri. He has held Phoniatrics Seminars on the artistic voice at numerous Master classes oo classical and modern singing both in Italy and abroad. Curator of the column “The Mysteries of the voice” for the magazine L’Opera, he has published numerous articles on the physiopathology of the sung voice in musical and scientific journals and he is the author of books including “The word and singing” (Ed. Piccin Padova) “Dictionary of Linguistics” (ed. Einaudi) “The vocal art”, “The speech therapy score” and “The singer’s voice” (volumes I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII) (ed. Omega) , “Clinic of the voice” (Libreria Cortina ),” The words of the scene “(Ed. Omega, Torino).