A – Singing Course

The Singing Course for Lyric Theater is made up for the following:
• Preparation year
• Academic course
• Advanced Academic course (optional)

Preparatory year – Two years Academic Course

Students who demonstrate a vocal security and maturness will be signed directly into the Academic course.
Age limit for sopranos and tenors is 31 years. Age limit for mezzos, baritones and basses is 34 years.
Candidates should present five songs/arias of his/her own choice of different composes. Classes take place Monday to Friday 09.15-12.15 and 15.30-18.30 for the entire academic year.

For the Academic Year 2024-2025 the admissions will take place by sending 3 recorded video arias, indicating for each of them the title of the piece, the name of the authors and the registration date.


1. Vocal Technique Teachers: Alla Simoni, Anna Vandi

2. Interpretation, style and expression Opera and chamber repertoire Teachers: Raina Kabaivanska, William Matteuzzi, Ernesto Palacio Chamber music and Lead Teacher: Harriet Lawson

3. Study of the repertoire Teachers: Alessandro Benigni, Claudia Foresi, Harriet Lawson, Carlo Morganti, Ettore Papadia, Valeria Picardi, Mirca Rosciani

4. Techniques of bodily expression, acting and stage movement Teacher: Matteo Mazzoni

5. Vocal hygiene and phoniatrics Teacher: Franco Fussi

6. Italian language for foreigners

Two year Advanced Course (optional)

Those students who have obtained their certificate from the two year course may apply for the advanced two year course during which their preparation of the operatic and concert repertoire will be further developed.

B – Master Classes for singers

Period yet to be determined 

Requirements: Suitability entrance exam.The applicant must submit three songs of their own choice of different composers.The management also reserves the right to evaluate audio-video recording to be sent to the academy in terms that will be agreed for time to time.

Age limit: 40 years

Level One:     five  days.                                                                                                              

Level Two:     ten  days (consucutive attendance)                                                                                                 

Level Three:  twenty  days (consucutive attendance)  

Operas and Concerts

Students are required to participate free of charge in all artistic manifestations in the Academy programme for the whole duration of their course.

By enrolling students are giving their consent to any recording, audio or video of lessons and performances, and ceding any rights to their use.

Students are not permitted to attend other musical institutions, whether public or private, or participate in professional activities, auditions or competitions without the express permission of the Academy’s artistic Direction.

All students, on penalty of appropriate disciplinary measures, are held to strict compliance with the rules laid down in the regulations, as well as appropriate standards of conduct and professional ethics, even outside the Academy.

Regolamento generale Accademia (integrale)